An Overview Of Software Development

Very few of us are aware of what software development is. Not only it is known by this term, the other most common terms used for software development are software designing, platform development etc. It is nothing but software product development. Software development is the process in which a set of programs is converted into a file, which can be executed and interpreted by the compiler.
Taking a broader point of view, application development is the process of involvement of the software conception to the deployment of the software at the final stage. Software is developed according to needs and it is not restricted to any field. It has various advantages and is used for various purposes like in commercial, business, or personal field of work. Software development process is combined with the process of production and the software is embedded into the physical components of the consumer products. This process of integration of the software with the physical components is called embedded software development. There are various stages or phases, which are followed in a certain cycle. After following the whole life cycle pattern, it leads to creation of the software.

These are the following stages or phases of the cycle of the application development process which are well planned-
1. Feasibility test
2. Analysis of the requirement
3. Designing of the architecture
4. Coding
5. Test and debugging
6. Deployment of the software
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7. Maintenance
The most important thing, which needs to be considered while developing any software, is its quality. The software engineering branch is specialised in providing better quality due to which the whole process of application development becomes structured and systematic. These applications are developed with the help of computer programming languages e.g. C++, Visual Basic, and Java etc. These programming languages are utilized in making different application software according to the requirements, which depends upon the compatibility of the language.
Applications are divided into following categories based on their utility medium:
Computer Software- Computer Software is the set of programs, which directs the computer. This software consists of all those programs, which are used to run the computers. The different operating systems used in the computer to the small ones used in the calculators are the various types of computer software.
Mobile Application- As the mobile companies are developing at a high rate, due to which mobile application software are in great demand from the last few decades. More than 50% of the mobile phones around the world are Smartphone. All these mobiles support different applications for various purposes such as general use, finance, business, entertainment etc.
Web Applications- Now a days, applications can be also used online by the users as the WebPages are integrated with the applications itself.

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