Why a Good Sleep is Essential

Many of us do not realize that almost half of our lives are spent in sleeping. This fact is good enough to know why one should indulge in a good sleep. It is important to sleep well as it helps one’s body to revive and get fresh for the beginning of a new day. A sleep helps one to get over with all the tiredness of the day and the tensions and worries.
It is the time that our body requires to recover from the fatigue.
One must sleep for an adequate number of hours. It is actually a difficult task to tell how many hours one should sleep. The time varies from individual to individual. Some people find even four hours adequate and some prefer up to ten hours also. Ideally, for most people seven to eight hours solves the purpose. One should never ignore the signals given by the body that it is tired and needs rest. One should hit the bed and a comfortable bed to be precise, as and when one realizes that he is feeling sleepy. If one does not sleep at this point of time then the body starts producing a hormone called adrenaline in excess which pushes one to stay awake. This production of adrenaline creates problem to sleep later when one wants to. If one does not sleep well and adequate then his health starts to suffer in the long run. Efficiency in work falls, one feels dull and lousy all the time, the body feels drained out of energy and one feels lethargic. In extreme cases one might experience falling blood pressure and excessive drowsiness. One’s quality of life and health can improve if one sleeps healthy as well.

If one suffers fro insomnia or other sleeping problems then one must consult a doctor. Some homely cures can also be used like drinking hot water with some sleep inducing herbs put in it, acupressure exercises and the likes. Even chanting is a good remedy for people who can not fall asleep due to tensions and worries and lets not forget the quality of bed and mattress are also key factors. It helps one to forget the worldly matters and relax to let the body rejuvenate.

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