7 Best Remote Control Drones to Buy in 2017

Drones acquire a distinctive space somewhere connecting traditional aircraft and remote -controlled toys, with the whole new prospective of photography or videos or just fly recreationally, RC drones are remarkable pieces of machinery. Let’s begin our journey.
Jingle bells for the drone enthusiasts, DJI launches another remote control drone to shoot the sky high with the all new DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Let’s know more about it.
Effortless to fly, make a buttery 4k video using 3-Axis Stabilization with a 12 MP camera.
With the intelligent flight system, it also comprises of a dedicated remote controller. Moreover Rc Drones also comes with intelligent battery with built in sensors.
Fly high in the house with the Vision Positioning System that controls your indoor flight. Also the “follow me” me feature will add on your flying experience.
With the ranging speed of 5m/s and intelligent flight battery Rc Drones can take your breath off for approximately 23 minutes.
A 12.4 MP camera, with a 4000×3000 image size, record the videos in stunning UHD mode with 64 GB Micro SD.
Remote controller for approximately 3.1 miles and vision positioning of less than 8m/s.
With a battery charger of 17.4 V and Mobile App DJI GO is all what we need.
Great for beginners and the learners UDI U818A is what we recommend, with pleasant distinctiveness this Rc Drone is worth every penny. Let’s have a look.
The remote of this quad copter enable you to take its full control in your hands.
Fly this nippy copter high at the range of 30 meters with the speed of about 5 miles per hour, works amazing quality for money.
Comprises of a decent camera of 640×480 pixels, this Rc drone makes the snaps experience better.
This remote control drone ranges at 2.4 GHz, also comprises a 6 Axis Gyro stabilizations, that holds this Rc Drone perfectly in linger.
With its modular design and 4 channel support, this copter can cover the distance up-to 30 meters with the flight time between 6-9 minutes.
It takes approximately 2 hours to get the 500 mAh battery fully charged to get your Rc copter ready for another flight.
For all the indoor lovers this is something that we recommend, this mini-quad is definitely worth for money and can be explained into two words ‘agile and quick’.
Engineered with the SAFE™ technology (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) this Rc Copter enables your piloting in no time.
Get ready for all the adventure with this 8 grams copter making single or double flips with just a push button.
Attach the USB Charge unit with any USB port; else everything is included that you need for fly.
To spare your expenses, it treats you with four replacement propellers.
Sparkling in dark with the multicolored LED light system, this Rc copter operates at 2.4 GHz
With the Rechargeable internal memory of 80 mAh this copter can lead he sky for about 5 minutes, plug it in for 30 minutes and its ready for the next fight.
SYMA X 9 Quadcopter
Flying cars have come down from the dream to the reality with the new Syma X9 which works as a perfect combination of quad-copter and car.
Flying on the air and speeding on the ground Syma X9 can do all that for you.
With the 4 Axis structure and 6 Axis Gyro this car gives you an astonishing flying experience.
Like your own Hollywood movie it can roll 360 degree for the perfect action sequence.
Simple maintenance is all what’s needed for its modular design structure, all you need to do is throw it in air and begin flying.
Full assembled model with LCD display and digital trim tabs it comes with four channel 2.4 GHz transmitter.
Attach your USB charger with 600 mAh battery of 3.7 Volt.
Expected to fly for more or less 5 minutes this Rc copter is excellent for beginners.
Another zippy little quadcopter added to the tiny drone family, with all its amazing features this tiny remote control drone that can fit in your palm is definitely worth looking for.
Very easy to fly with 6-axis flight control and adjustable gyro sensitivity this drone definitely stands in the category of the best Rc Drone.
Comes ready to fly with four channel digital proportional RC system
With the snow weight frame and nice durability you can charge this Rc copter with a USB cable.
It comes with a 240 mAh battery of 3.7 V, quiet enough for this tiny copter.
Takes about 30 minutes to get charged and with the expected flight time of about 9 minutes.
With the frequency of 2.4 GHz with 4 channels and a remote controller this small copter completes itself.
Agile, receptive and durable is all what we can say for the new Syma X5C-1
With a camera platform and a little price, we bet you can’t avoid it.
Take 6-7 minutes long flights with this light weight copter which also has the characteristics of wind resistant.
The camera comes with the native resolution of 1024 x 768 for stills and manages to interpolate 1280 x 720 video resolutions with 2GB of micro SD card.
The lightweight plastic body facilitates to handle the crashes effectively.
This remote control drone is more stable and flexible when flying because of its 6-axis Gyro stabilization.
With a 3.7 V 500mAh Li-poly Battery, it also has a 2.4 G Remote controller.
Comes with a range of 150ft, with an approximately 900 gram weight it a definitely a GO!! For the beginners.
Control your remote control drone with Smartphone or tablet and craft your flying experience unique, with the 3 different designs Snow, Sand and Jungle this Rc drone will undeniably win your heart.
Ultra Sound Sensors, for the ground altitude measurement.
Be a movie maker and create high quality movie shots with the “director” mode.
Bank data and videos, do the live streaming with your Smartphone and upload them instantly from the application.
Make video, storage in the HD mode and click picture with 720p HD Camera and send them directly to your device.
View your flights in 3D with the flight enhancer; get your RC drone home with ‘Return Home’ mode.
Comprises of Micro ball bearing with 4 brush-less in-runner motors 14.5W 28, 500 RMP and Nylatron gears for 1/8.75 propeller reductor.
Software for Emergency stop and fully reprogrammable motor controller make it stand out of the crowd. between
Thrill of speeding drones between the trees and the fences to the knot of the sky. Richie Rich ventures by selling the astonishing photographs and videos. There are drones of every size and for every one; from the tiny to the large, for young to gold. Remote control drones undeniably adds an edge to your life.

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