Top Travel Destinations In Thailand

Thailand travels promise to be a lot of fun, and very enriching, too! But since there are so many things to do when you’re there, it’s probably a good idea that you get a good idea about some of the favorite destinations for Thailand travels, and this article will help you get started.
Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is the most developed center in northern Thailand. It is a relatively low-populated city, with cool weather and quaint buildings. For those on Thailand travels to the northern uplands of the country, Chiang Mai is probably the best place for you to find accommodations, since it is the perfect mix of urban and traditional Thai culture. Walking the streets here is very enjoyable, and you can take time to have a bite and a drink in one of many small restaurants you’re likely to come across. The more adventurous may even opt to eat in a eatery-stand, with its makeshift canopy covering and temporary assembly of chairs and tables. Also be sure to visit at least three or four of the ancient Buddhist temples that are still up and running in the older part of the city. After all, getting a dose of Buddhist culture is an essential part of Thailand travels.
The Night Safari
There are only three night safaris in the entire world, all of them in Asia. The first one was set up by Singapore, and is perhaps the best known up to this day. The other two are in China and, of course, Thailand. While the Night Safari in Northern Thailand is relatively new, and not yet that renowned as the one in Singapore, those on Thailand travels will be pleased to know that it is reportedly the largest and most beautiful of all the three.
Elephant Centers

There are many elephant centers open to tourists in the rural areas surrounding Chiang Mai. Be sure to include a visit to one of them in your Thailand travels itinerary, since the elephants are one of the iconic figures of Thai culture. Those who especially love animals will be delighted to see them perform amazing tricks, and may even be able to feed them bananas and sugarcane. Unless one is afraid of heights, riding one of these pachyderms is a must.
Bangkok represents the modernizing face of Thailand, and those on Thailand travels should definitely savor the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this metropolitan area. The city is also known as a shopper’s paradise because of all the high-quality, low-cost goods that are available in its many shopping malls. Tourists can even apply for tax rebate, so shopping will be even better during your Thailand travels!
The Grand Palace
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Found in Bangkok, the Grand Palace is part of a larger complex of Buddhist temples. Those who want to get a taste of Thailand’s royal grandeur should definitely make a visit to this complex a part of their Thailand travels.

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