Barbie Dolls Collections For Your Own Choice

For most of us, they thought that dolls are just little girls favorite toy and to play with. As a matter of fact almost all little girls preferred a Barbie doll as a gift for them rather than any other type of toy. However, not only little girls were fun of this toy. They are the Barbie collectors; some of them is already 40+ years old but then still love and fun of collecting Barbie dolls. For them it’s an interest to one thing that seems to be so special and that they want to have and keep as a remembrance or souvenir.

Mattel in the past years had produced a range of Barbie dolls already. They aim to encourage enthusiast or collectors of Barbie’s to increase their interest and likes in collecting Barbie dolls. We usually watched this dolls in movies, story books and etc. This is where these collectors gain their interest to collect these dolls.

Mattel categorized Barbie doll using a color tier system in 2004 for them to be easily recognized by collectors. This is used to indicate which kind of retail store stocks the particular type of collectible doll, and also to signify the amount of dolls produced worldwide.

The four colors in the collectible tier system.

1) Pink Labeled

2) Silver Labeled

3) Labeled as Gold

4) Platinum Labeled

First tier is pink–Barbie doll’s signature color – and then the additional tiers add other colors representing even higher standards like silver, gold, and platinum. The Pink Tier will include fun, keepsake dolls such as the Dolls of the World – The Princess Collection and the “I Love Lucy” celebrity dolls. Pink Label dolls will come packaged in a box with a clear acetate front trimmed in pink, which makes a nice display for NRFB (never removed from box) dolls.. The Pink Label dolls will not be limited in production numbers. Although all Barbie dealers can carry these dolls, shops such as Wal-Mart and are their main destination.

The next tier is the Silver Label dolls. The packaging is similar to the Pink Label, but with the box trimmed with silver. The criteria for the Silver Label tier is that no more than 50,000 of any Silver Label doll will be produced world wide. Included in the Silver Label are the ‘Wedding’ series, the ‘Birthday Barbies’, ‘Ballet Barbies’ and ‘I Dream of a Season’ dolls. Some types of Kelly doll and Tommy doll also can be found under the Silver Label.

Following the Silver is the Gold Label collectible dolls. Gold Label dolls are produced in quantities of no more than 25,000 of each doll. The packaging is different from the previous tiers. Silver Label dolls come in a “cake box” type package with an extra see through layer to protect the doll. The box has artwork and photography on the back and lid with gold decorative trimming. Included under the Gold Label are ‘Designer Fashion Model’ dolls, ‘Designer Bride’, Vintage Repros’ and ‘Pin-up Girls’ collectible dolls.

And the last tier is the very limited Platinum Tier. These dolls are produced in editions of less than 1,000 worldwide, and the tier includes premium one-of-a-kind dolls available at select events (like a Bob Mackie OOAK (one-of-a-kind) doll created for Dream Halloween)

No matter what label of dolls you prefer, as long as your happy and enjoying it? It’s OK. Sometimes we put all our love to thing we treasure the most. Often, collecting things such like Barbie collectibles is one way of expressing and showing people what type of person are you, because your interest to one thing reflects your personality in life.